the buch




Our first creation was "revive" or otherwise known as "the buch", a kombucha that is deliciously refreshing to drink.  We produced this one and only flavor for 3 years, giving it all of our love and is now called "the OG buch".  We decided it was time to spread our wings and share some new creations. Revive RED and GOLD can be found in a select few Northern California stores.   "fast is slow and slow is fast...enjoy the buch"


Available for purchase/exchange in two sizes: 16oz Flip-top and 64oz Growler (exchange locations)


The Art of Fermentation


We believe in the wisdom of tradition and that means no shortcuts to making the buch. Although our production needs have grown exponentially, our process and craft remain the same. revive is kombucha, artisnally made in small batches using 100% ORGANIC ingredients and fair trade teas. Each batch of our kombucha is lovingly nurtured, brewed and fermented by the Buch Crew. Our scobys (mothers) are regularly treated to positive vibes and righteous tunes being jammed out by our bucket speakers and Pandora Radio Stations influenced by Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, ALO, Donavon Frankenreiter, Mountain Revival Music, Slightly Stoopid, Ratatat and our favorite brew day station, Free get it, the music, the vibe and the love are an important part of the buch process.  


why raw?


All whole foods are packed with enzymes, which are killed when heated or pasteurized. As humans we have a finite amount of enzymes within our bodies that are utilized each time we consume a food or drink that has been heated. When you eat foods in their raw form, their enzymes are still intact and will aid in the digestive process putting less stress on your body. Not only is raw good for your digestion, raw foods are living foods that contain thousands of vital nutrients that are damaged and destroyed by heat. Some companies pasteurize and/or filter their kombucha. We believe this results in an inferior product that strips kombucha of most if not all of its healthful benefits, specifically the enzymes and probiotics.  


Because revive kombucha is raw, it’s alive and can be used to grow a scoby for your own home brew!


Truth in Labeling:


Fermentation is a mystery all its own, but the ingredients we use in the process shouldn’t be. When you read the list of ingredients on a bottle of revive, what you read is what you are consuming. We believe that our customers have the right to know what is going into their bodies, whether you are a connoisseur of all things fermented or a novice kombucha drinker. Every ingredient in our kombucha is listed on the bottle and we don’t hide behind regulation loopholes, technicalities, vagaries, or marketing schemes to conceal a single ingredient. As with any artisanal product our secret is in the technique.  


Our commitment to Fair Trade, GMO Free and Organic Ingredients:


It is paramount that the ingredients we use are of the highest quality in taste and integrity and to us this means that:


  • They are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers
  • They are not genetically altered, engineered, enhanced or modified in any way
  • They do not exploit or harm the good people producing them